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International Mountain Climbing School in North Conway, New Hampshire


International Mountain Equipment, Inc. (IME) was founded in 1974 by Frank Simon, Bill Aughton and Paul Ross. In August 1979, Rick Wilcox purchased IME from its founders. Over time, the International Mountain Climbing School (IMCS) developed into it’s own brand and was co-owned by Wilcox and Brad White. In the fall of 2022 long time climber and guide Paul McCoy and partner Lisa McCoy purchased IMCS from Wilcox and White, who still serve as advisors to the business.

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Here at International Mountain Climbing School, we pride ourselves on our staff. For the last 45+ years we have combined our efforts to provide safe, enjoyable and worthwhile experiences to everyone that climbs with us. No matter your age or ability, we look forward to sharing the excitement of climbing with you and helping you learn valuable skills along the way.

IMCS guides have accumulated many years of climbing, guiding and teaching experience. We are a mix of American Mountain Guide Association (AMGA) certified guides, world class climbers, dedicated teachers and backcountry masters. From indoor wall climbing programs for young children to international climbing expeditions in the great ranges of the world we have guides that can take you there.