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  • Critical Rescue Skills

Self Rescue Course

Learn to safely rescue yourself or your partner

Quick Details

Two Day Private Climb 1:1 Climber to Instructor ratio!
Two Day Semi Private Climb 2:1 Climb • Listed Price Includes 2 People!

Climb with confidence

In climbing it is easy to recognize a crisis situation; dealing with it decisively is another matter. 

The Rock Self-Rescue Course is an advanced level, two-day course intended as a follow-up to our three-day Rock Leader Program.  Self-rescue requires the highest level of technical skills, so it is important that you enter this course with a strong understanding of the fundamental climbing systems.

In this course, we strive to provide a working knowledge of the following skills:

  • Relevant knots and hitches for use in a rescue
  • Escaping the belay
  • Rope ascension
  • Lowering and hauling an unresponsive follower
  • How to pass a knot while lowering or rappelling
  • How to rappel with an injured climber

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