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Winter Camping Skills

Enjoy The Snowy Mountains!

Quick Details

Private Guided Climb 1:1 Climber to Instructor ratio!
Semi Private Guided Climb 2:1 Climb • Listed Price Includes 2 People!

Hike Through Snow-Laden Fields During this White Mountains Winter Camping Trip!

Spend the weekend in a beautiful back country location while learning basic winter travel techniques and low impact winter camping skills. Winter camping is a rewarding experience but requires attention to detail and thoughtful preparation. The focus of the two-day course is to stay warm, dry and comfortable so you enjoy your time in the mountains. Other topics include use of crampons and ice axe, snowshoeing, hypothermia prevention and packing with a purpose. IMCS provides all mountaineering and camping equipment.

This winter camping in the White Mountains course is intended for first-time winter campers or climbers wanting to enjoy the winter camping experience This is also good fun for a private group or family that want to share a winter camping experience while learning useful skills.

Assessing weather and snow conditions are a big part of winter camping, mountaineering and this course. Any days itinerary may be subject change due to weather and snow conditions.

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